Obala 46, 51511 Malinska, Hrvatska

The Chapel of St Andrew

This oldest preserved chapel in the Dubašnica area was originally built in the 13th /14th century,   Romanesque style, with a semi-circular apse and  bell tower with a belfry.  The length of the chapel including the apse is 10.10 m, and the width 5.8 m. It was erected by the Benedictines from the Abbey of St Nicholas in Omišalj because the villages of Dubašnica belonged to the Omišalj parish at the time. Associated with the Chapel is the oldest Glagolitic document of Dubašnica, the Charter of the duke Ivan Frankopan the Seventh from 1454. It confirms that on 11 April of the same year he gave the land belonging to the chapel to Petar Žgombić. Unfortunately, the original document has not been preserved, and its copy is kept at the Diocese of Krk.

The chapel has seen its share of renovation and rebuilding over the years, with the current appearance finalised in 1790 when it was also consecrated.