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Your summer holidays can be so much more than soaking up the sun and listening to the roar of the waves.

Your summer holidays can be so much more than soaking up the sun and listening to the roar of the waves. Active holidays are becoming an increasingly popular option, offering activities such as cycling, running, hiking, sailing and water sports.

Owing to its balmy climate, clean sea, lush Mediterranean vegetation and abundance of trails and promenades, Malinska has become the choice destination for lovers of outdoor sports and active holidays.



The cycling trails of Dubašnica offer beautiful scenic views. From trails along the sea to trails snaking through centuries-old oak forests and olive groves in the hinterland, all of them feature a relatively small altitude difference (up to 240 metres above sea level at most), making them suitable for the entire family.

These cycling trails also feature marked cultural and historical monuments, providing you with the opportunity to tour the rich sacral heritage of this region. Along the way, you can also enjoy the scent of wild edible plants such as sage, immortelle, thyme and the ubiquitous asparagus…

The cycling trails also pass through the interior part of the island, where they follow the main road. This allows you to reach the town of Krk from Malinska by following a cycling trail that is separated from the road with a green belt.

A special app has also been developed to assist cycling lovers in their two-wheeled adventures on the island.

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Off season, the island of Krk hosts a variety of events for cyclists, such as ˝Proljeće na kotačima˝ (˝Spring on Wheels˝), ˝Bodul Bike˝ and the race ˝4 Islands MTB Stage Race˝.



Hiking and Running

If you love spending your free time hiking or running in nature, you’ll be delighted by the 50 kilometres of trails that are offered.

Explore the trails that lead to the quiet town of Porat and the monastery of Glagolitic friars, or follow the path though Cickini forest to reach the ruins of the Early Christian church complex that spreads out over 5000 square metres, as well as many other cultural and historical monuments whose secrets are safeguarded by the oak forests.

Take a stroll along the coast and its shimmering waters to reach Njivice, while enjoying the smell of salt in the air, or go inland and travel all the way to Dobrinj or the town of Krk.

A four-kilometre trail leads from the town centre of Malinska to Porat, while Njivice can be reached in six kilometres. The most beautiful trail can be found behind Porat towards Glavotok, in a region where you can enjoy running on narrow trails in unspoilt nature and discover hidden beaches and coves, surrounded by the shade of lush vegetation.

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Paradise road

The construction of the  Paradise road , a promenade from the bathing-place Haludovo to Njivice, launched a  Bathing Commission Malinska  in 1934.

Landowners ceded their plots to be used for planting pine trees, without any fee.  The construction and arrangement of the Paradise Road  was completed in 1938 and the road was in use the same year.

The total length of the promenade, from the bathing-place Haludovo to zakota  toward Njivice is 1.900 meters.

The road is really nice, known especially for its rich vegetation.

The large presence of aerosols, due to the proximity of the sea and pine trees, has a rich healing properties for human health.

In 1953, the promenade was partly extended to Njivice.The last reconstruction and extension of the Paradise road  began in 2015 with continued construction, restoration of plants and planting new pine trees along the path.


Other Sports

If you happen to be more of a sea person, you can embark on a sailing adventure or learn to dive and explore the rich life of the underwater world.

Summer schools are available for novice sailors and divers.

During the tourist season, Malinska offers a number of adventure activities such as parasailing, which allow you to view Malinska from a different perspective. You can also go on a water scooter adventure, or take your entire family on a pedal boat or kayak ride.

The island of Krk is also a popular destination among lovers of  kitesurfing and windsurfing, who head for the towns of Baška and Punat where the winds are stronger.

If you’re keen on privacy, rent a boat and visit the magnificent bays and coves that are accessible only from the sea, and enjoy the beauty of pristine beaches.