Obala 46, 51511 Malinska, Hrvatska

Climate and location

It is considered for Malinska to have the most favourable climate on the island of Krk.


The sheltered location of Malinska and the surrounding area (Dubašnica)  shields it from strong winds, and fosters  the growth of dense forests and lush Mediterranean vegetation.  It is considered to have the most favourable climate on the island.  The pleasant weather and abundant hours of sunshine, along with its proximity to the sea, attracts visitors from all over Europe and the world.  The mild weather and high concentration of aerosols is beneficial for the treatment and rehabilitation of the airways.

The bathing season extends from May to October, during which time sea temperatures do not dip below a pleasant  20°C.  The average annual sea temperature is 17.4° C, with seas being warmest in July at 25°C, and coldest in February at 15°C.

The hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters characteristic of Malinska’s Mediterranean climate boast a yearly average of 260 sunny days, 93 rainy days, and 64 windless days.

Common winds include the warm, moist jugo, and the strong, dry bura of winter.  The cooling breezes of the maestral bring a welcome freshness during the summer months.  The northerly tramuntana, along with occasional brief thunderstorms and showers, also appear during the summer.



Malinska is located in the northwestern part of the island, in the wide bay between the capes of Ćuf and Pelova.  Together with the twenty or so villages scattered around it, it forms the historic area of Dubašnica.  The most important natural resource of this region is the specific power and beauty of the sea and of the forests of Dubašnica.

Malinska faces Kvarner Bay and Rijeka, Croatia’s largest port city. With its relatively low and accessible coast, the western part of Dubašnica offers spectacular views of Istria and Učka mountain.  Closer to the island’s centre, on loose karst limestone soil and protected from strong winds, is the inland part of Malinska.  This location features one of the island’s most favourable climates, and is rich with lush vegetation.