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Traditional cuisine

Cuisine of Dubašnica is characterized by a simplicity and richness of flavor.

An everyday need, food is closely related to many human activities.  Events held at popular tourist destinations, in which traditional foods play a prominent role, are appearing in increasing number and frequency.

The cuisine of Dubašnica is characterized by a simplicity and richness of flavor.  Fresh fish, scampi, and shellfish are often found on the tables of local kitchens.  Small, oily fish occupy a special place on menus, especially sardines and anchovies.  They are prepared in a variety of ways together with regional herbs such as laurel, rosemary, thyme and heather.

The cuisine of Dubašnica is an authentic Mediterranean cuisine that prepares first class delicacies with the best of what nature has to offer and our imaginations can conceive.

Autumn is dominated by the flavours of calamari.  Freshly caught calamari and first-class fish are a true delicacy. The key to their popularity lies in their mild aroma and sweet meat.

Domestic olive oil is the most important ingredient of most recipes.



Homemade pasta complements meals made with fish, meat and herbs.  This usually refers to šurlice, a type of handmade pasta made by wrapping the dough around a knitting needle.  Šurlice arrived from Kvarner, and are the most popular meal on the island.  Every village has its own special way of preparing them in combination with Krk lamb or seafood, and fresh or dried ingredients.  In spring, šurlice are traditionally prepared with freshly picked asparagus and grated young sheep cheese.



The local cheese of the island of Krk is prepared  according to a family recipe, but with modern equipment. Today, traditional sheep cheese is enriched with the aromas of aromatic herbs, and is usually served with Krk prosciutto. In addition to young or aged sheep cheese, a traditional sheep curd cheese created during the spring milking season is also very popular.  It is available only between April and August.

The family farms of Dubašnica also offer high quality goat milk for sale.



Krk lamb, a well known specialty, is most certainly one of the tastiest meats in Croatia and abroad.  Its unique flavour and aroma is a food connoisseur’s delight. Dried lamb, kaštradina, is a special delicacy.  It is preserved for winter stews (maneštra), or to be cooked with collard greens (broskva, raštika).



Presnac, a cake made with fresh sheep cheese, is a popular dessert, along with kroštule and  frite (traditional deep-fried pastry), and simple pogača bread.  During the carnival season in February (mesopust), homemade ravioli are a must.