Obala 46, 51511 Malinska, Hrvatska

Boat Trips

Malinska is the perfect starting point for trips around the Kvarner area and beyond.

In addition to offering a variety of amenities, the destination of Malinska is also the perfect starting point for trips around the Kvarner area and beyond.

Children are reluctant to leave the water in the summer months. However, have you ever thought about taking them on an underwater adventure? Families with children are bound to love trips on a glass-bottom boat or catamaran. A glassboat is certainly one of the best options for enjoying a day with your family and creating moments to remember. If you’re lucky, in addition to fish, shellfish and other small sea creatures, you’ll also see a bigger fish or two in its natural habitat.

Out of the many boat rides that are offered, we recommend the panorama tour under Krk Bridge. This trip also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of the underwater world and, if you’re lucky, you might also run into some dolphins, who are frequent visitors to this bay. A trip to Beli on the island of Cres also makes for a very scenic boat ride, as does a  boat trip to the town of Opatija.


Panorama tour

A trip from Malinska to Beli on the island of  Cres  on a glass-bottom boat,  enjoying views of the island of Krk and Krk Bridge, is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.   With a bit of luck, you’ll also spot some dolphins, who will keep you company during your trip.



A semi-submarine, reminiscent of a submarine in appearance,  does not submerge under water. Instead, it remains on the surface of the sea, while you are seated in a cabin  1.5 metres below sea level. A tour with this unusual submarine lasts  30-45 minutes, and is perfect for families with children.


Trip to the island of Rab

Trips to the island of Rab usually depart from the towns of Krk and Baška, and include a tour of the town of Rab, lunch and swimming on one of the beaches on the islands of Rab or Krk.


Exploring the best beaches on the island of Krk

Day trips for exploring the beaches of Krk usually depart from the towns of Krk and Punat, and the tour includes a visit to several hidden beaches. Usually, a meal is also included.


Night fishing with dinner

Night fishing with a purse net is truly a one-of-a-kind experience,  providing the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the local tradition of fishing. Dinner on board prepared from the fish you have just caught will make the entire experience even more special.


Otočić Košljun

The tiny island of Košljun is only 300 metres in diameter. Its only inhabitants are the Franciscans that live in the monastery on the island.

Košljun is located in Punat Bay, opposite the town of Punat, and can be reached with boats departing from the boardwalk in Punat, one of the biggest nautical centres in Croatia.

The lush vegetation that covers the island, featuring a great number of hiking trails, further adds to its appeal. On a relatively small area of 48 thousand square metres, 540 species of plants and mushrooms have been registered.

The monks of old, Benedictines and Franciscans, also left their traces on the island. The Benedictine Abbey closed its doors around 1308, and the Frankopans brought two Franciscans to the island one century later. According to legend, the betrayed duke Ivan Frankopan was secretly buried on the island, together with his daughter Katarina Frankopan. Košljun is also the keeper of a great number of valuable artworks.

The oldest among them is the parchment archive that dates to the Benedictine period, a collection of more than a thousand music scores, a library with more than 100 incunables, Strabon’s and Ptolemy’s Atlas, the Archaeological Collection of artefacts from the prehistoric, Classical and Roman era. There is also a gallery of paintings, a natural history and numismatic collection and an ethnographic collection. The wooden sculptures from the Late Gothic period (12th, 14th and 16th century) are among the most important monuments in all of Croatia. Today, Košljun also features a one-of-a-kind multimedia museum. Summer concerts in the cloister of the monastery are truly a unique experience.


You can get more information about all of the trips that are  offered at the travel agencies in Malinska and other towns on the island.