Obala 46, 51511 Malinska, Hrvatska


The beaches of Malinska and the island of Krk are considered to be among the finest in Croatia.

The beaches of Malinska and the island of Krk are considered to be among the finest in Croatia.  One of the advantages of Malinska’s wide and deeply indented coast is that, wherever you go, a beach is always nearby.  The island’s diverse coast offers a wide palette of beaches ranging from rocky, sandy, and pebbled beaches to hidden coves.

There are beaches for children, the disabled, non-swimmers and the elderly, beaches for dogs, those in search of natural shade and proximity to parking, beaches with bars, for sports enthusiasts, and an unofficial nudist beach.  Malinska offers all this, and more.

The beaches on the territory of the municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica are connected by a number of promenades creating a harmonious, natural whole.  When it comes to grooming, the beaches vary from those with concrete slabs to wild, rocky beaches that require an adventurous spirit to enter the sea. Together with the many hidden and secluded bathing areas located in small coves, they are well worth the visit.  The beaches stretch along the western side of the island of Krk, beginning with Rajska cesta (Paradise Road) that connects Malinska and Njivice, and ending behind the romantic village of Porat.

Maestral Beach

This is one of the two beaches closest to the town center.  It is located 50 metres from the parking lot and stretches along the coast for 200 metres.  In is situated on the very promenade, meaning it can be accessed by car, and is also equipped with a ramp for the disabled.  The entrance to the sea is pebbled, with a newly constructed concrete sunbathing area and pier for jumping into the sea.  You can enjoy some ice cream, and a good selection of eateries and bars can be found in the vicinity.  The beach has a shower, sanitary facilities, and sun loungers for rent.

Rupa Beach

Only 200 metres away, this is the beach closest to the town centre. Its location in the vicinity of a parking lot makes it one of the most popular beaches in town.  It is 350 metres long and, in addition to shade, offers one of the most beautiful sunset views in Malinska. You can find shade and refreshment in any of the many bars and restaurants.  The concrete sunbathing areas with pebbled entrances into the sea are clean and well groomed, equipped with a shower, changing cabins, sanitary facilities, and lounge chairs for rent.

Due to its exceptionally clean waters, the beach has been awarded a Blue Flag, making it perfect for children. They can also enjoy the park, swings, slide and playhouse at the beach.  The water park and children’s playground offered by Rupa beach can make life easier for parents, as the kids will have something to occupy them.  The beach is also adapted for the disabled and is a good choice for non-swimmers.

Draga Beach

This 500 metre long concrete beach with pebbled entrances to the sea is located 50 metres from parking lots.  It features piers for jumping into the sea, well-groomed areas for sunbathing, showers, sanitary facilities, sun umbrellas and loungers for hire.  It also has a beach bar, and a restaurant located next to it where you can enjoy some seafood delicacies or pizza.

Those looking for fun at sea, adventure and recreational water sports can try the jet ski and banana lift. Adventure lovers can also enjoy the parachute rides and water skiing, popular all over the island. The beach offers a floating island water park for children, also enjoyed by all those who are kids at heart. Young people hang out on the beach late into the night playing volleyball on the illuminated court. The location of the beach offers the possibility of mooring boats.

Vrtača Beach

Vrtača beach is a smaller beach located between the beaches of Rova and Draga.  Concrete sunbathing areas with pebbled entrances to the sea and shade under pine trees allow visitors the opportunity to fully enjoy a day of sun and sea.  A restaurant and ice cream stand, as well as other amenities essential during summer months, can be found here.  The beach has piers for jumping into the sea, as well as a shower, sun umbrellas and loungers for hire, and a ramp for the disabled.  A parking lot is located about 300 metres from the beach.

Ribarsko Selo Beach

Ribarsko selo beach was built in 1970 at the same time as the Haludovo complex.  Part of what was once an elite hotel, it had its own berth used mostly by owners of boats and yachts.  Ribarsko selo gained fame when Hollywood stars stayed there, brought by Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse magazine.  The appealing stone boardwalk and its pier are perfect for jumping into the sea.

Although located far from Malinska’s town centre, the beach features many amenities: ice cream stands, a restaurant and beach bar at the beginning of Rajska cesta.  Perfect after a hot day at the beach!

The first parking lot is 30 metres away, and there is another 150 metres away.  This dog- friendly beach is ideal if you want to take your four-legged friend with you.  Ribarsko selo is the perfect place for those who wish to soak up some sun and have the opportunity to stroll and relax in the lush vegetation with their pets, accompanied by the roar of the waves and chirping of crickets.

Haludovo Beach

Situated below the former hotel complex, Haludovo beach stretches for 500 metres.  It is located next to the parking lot on the boardwalk. Stone paths connecting it to Haludovo’s forest park abounding with fragrant laurel and pine trees  provide shade in the summer months. The boughs of pine trees lean towards the west casting their shadow onto the sea, and making swimming here a one-of-a-kind experience. The beach features circular concrete bathing areas and cabanas that offer bathers some privacy.

Children can enjoy the sandbox at the beach, while adults can rent a pedal boat or lounger for total comfort.  The fine sand in the sea is perfect for playing ‘picigin’ and other activities, and there are also piers for jumping into the sea.  The beach is equipped with showers and changing cabins.

Rova Beach

The beaches surrounded by hotels and luxurious holiday homes feature well-groomed bathing areas. Parking can be found about 30 metres away. The proximity of hospitality establishments in the shade of olive trees allows you to spend the entire day outdoors.  Owing to its easy access to the sea, this beach is perfect for kids.  It offers a variety of amenities such as a water park, lounge chairs for rent, and ice cream for sale.  Rova can also be reached from Malinska by a trackless tourist “train,” a means of transport not only for families with children and the elderly, but also for all who wish to tour Malinska and neighboring villages in a casual, carefree way.

Vantačić Beach

Nestled in a port and protected from winds, Vantačići is a beach from which you can set out to explore the surrounding area.  It is located in a port with berths, and you can enjoy stunning views of Rijeka and Učka. The beach has a quieter part and features piers for jumping into the sea.  Some trees offer natural shade. While the kids are frolicking in the sea for hours, you remember that you forgot to pack a lunch!  No reason to worry – a family restaurant is located right on the beach.

Valica Beach

This beach was built in tiers and is perfect for those wanting extra peace and privacy. The beach offers a bar, and the opportunity to enjoy adventure sports (jet skis, and the new attraction of jet surfing).  The deeply indented coastline will be of great interest to free divers.  In spring you can take a stroll and forage for some wild asparagus.

Uhlić Beach

This beach, surrounded by pine forests, boasts clean and warm waters in addition to the beauty of Porat’s natural environment.  The pebbled beach has concrete slabs perfect for the sensitive feet of children.  Next to the beach, a small establishment offers food, drinks, and ice cream.  Feel free to leave your car at home, as Uhić beach is located next to the tourist train’s last stop (check timetable). The beach has showers and loungers for rent, as well as a small shop with swimming essentials.

Beyond the beach, many small, pristine bays and coves are waiting to be discovered. You can access them by forest trails, which also provide scenic hiking opportunities in spring and autumn. A pet-friendly beach is marked with a sign letting you know your four-legged friends are welcome.

Portić Beach

The cute little beach of Portić is located past Rupa beach and is ideal for lovers of sunbathing.  A restaurant is next to the beach, together with the Kraljić family shipyard, the oldest traditional shipyard in the northern Adriatic.

If you are looking for the perfect shade of blue to relax by, Malinska is the place to be.