Obala 46, 51511 Malinska, Hrvatska

Cultural heritage

The town of Malinska boasts a rich cultural heritage. The landmarks and folklore stretch back several centuries, and are of great importance and a source of pride for the local population.
Mother and Child

The sculpture is the work of the sculptor Slavko Šoša (1923-1998). It was created in 1971 in the Sisak Ironworks art colony.


A place that had great traffic significance as a site of fairs and for the exchange of goods and products of the inhabitants of the island of Krk, as confirmed by the density of roads and gorges leading to it.

Chapel of St. George

It is located west of the village of Sabljići, on the pasture Dolinji Drmun, a few kilometres from the village towards the old cemetery.

Priest’s house / Petilokve pond

Along the main road, in the direction from Njivice before the intersection for Sv. Vid, there is a ruined and abandoned house that the inhabitants of this area built for their curate – priest.

Dubašnica Heritage House

This old rural house built in the mid-19th century and intended for two families attests to the modest way of life of the people in Dubašnica.

The Chapel of St Rocco

The permit for the construction of a chapel in Turčići, issued by a bishop and Venetian doge to the priest Josip Turčić, dates back to 1781.


Place where freshwater spring flows into the sea.