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Camino Krk Story

Guided walks along the camino krk route and themed talks

Camino Krk, a 150-kilometre long circular route, has quickly become a very popular outdoor activity on the island and caught attention of hospitality and tourism experts. In 2021, the project won the third prize at the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards and was awarded a golden charter at the 9th Sunflower Rural Tourism Award, in the category of Active Tourist Facilities in Rural Areas.

Camino Krk, as the first section of the Croatian Camino route, joined the European network of St James’s ways, with Camino de Santiago (the St James Way) being  the most popular one. It is about an 800-kilometre long pilgrimage route, walked by more than 300,000 pilgrims each year.

Camino Krk Story

Walking the route of Camino Krk is an excellent springtime activity. The spring here brings pleasant temperatures, nice weather and blossoming nature – a perfect setting for a 7-day stay on the island of Krk. For those who are not quite sure about walking the 150 kilometres of the Camino Krk route or lack time for a full 7-day experience, local tourist boards have jointly designed the Camino Krk Story project.

The 3-day Camino Krk Story is a free weekend programme with expert guidance, themed talks, refreshments and organised transport!

FIRST WEEKEND 13-15 May 2022

Town of Krk / Municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica

13 May, FRIDAY
Krk’s Town Hall

5 pm Welcome speech and introduction, City of Krk Tourist Board, Ivana Kovačić
5:15 pm Themed talk*: Camino – a route beyond words, Mirjam Jukić
6 pm Themed talk*: Camino Krk: Walking the hidden paths of the Golden Island, Martina Frka

Krk – Brzac, section 1 (23 km)

9 am 1st guided tour: meeting point on Vela placa (with pilgrimage
passports pick-up at the Tourist Information Centre of the Krk Tourist Board)
Refreshment break in Brzac/Milohnić (konoba Pud Brest)
6 pm Bus ride from Milohnić to Krk

15 May, SUNDAY
Brzac – Malinska, section 2 (22.9 km)

9 am Bus departure from Krk (Krk bus terminal)
9:30 am 2nd guided tour from Brzac to Malinska
Refreshment break in Malinska (The Kitchen restaurant)
6 pm Bus ride from Malinska to Krk (Malinska bus terminal)

Guides / tour escorts:
14 May – Petar Tomašić and Nikola Radovčić
15 May – Petar Tomašić and Danijela Martić
* the talks will be held in Croatian

SECOND WEEKEND 20-22 May 2022

Municipalities of Malinska – Dubašnica / Omišalj / Dobrinj


20 May, FRIDAY
Malin Hotel (Restaurant Royal)

5 pm Welcome speech by Daniel Manzoni, Tourist Board of the Malinska-Dubašnica Municipality, and Andrea Orlić Čutul, Tourist Board of the Omišalj Municipality
5:15 pm Themed talk*: Camino Krk: Walking the hidden paths of the Golden Island, Martina Frka
6 pm Themed talk*: Religious and cultural heritage of Dubašnica from medieval times to the present day, Tomislav Galović

Malinska – Omišalj, section 3 (19 km)

9 am Meeting in Malinska, in front of the Church of St Nicholas (pilgrimage passports will be distributed before leaving)
Refreshment break in Omišalj (konoba Ulikva on the Omišalj’s main square)
6 pm Bus ride from Omišalj (bus terminal) to Malinska

22 May, SUNDAY
Omišalj – Čižići, section 4 (21 km)

9 am Bus ride from Malinska to Omišalj (Malinska bus terminal)
9:30 am Guided tour from Omišalj to Čižići
Refreshment break in Čižići (konoba Mala sten)
6 pm Bus ride from Čižići (konoba Mala sten) to Malinska

Guides / tour escorts:
21 May – Petar Tomašić and Danijela Martić
22 May – Petar Tomašić and Danijela Martić

* the talks will be held in Croatian

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